Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is the new face of Marketing to take it to the next phase with its online presence. It’s more about minimum investment and maximum RoI with more reach. The medium and the channel adopted to take/give a digital face to the virtual marketing.

The major challenges such as high working capital, high ad budget, less reach and high manual effort can be effectively addressed with Digital Marketing.

The Whole World is more focussed on Digital Marketing to stretch the businesses globally due to its diverse benefits such as targeting the distant locations, less investment, more reach and high returns.

Whole World is advancing technologically so well that each and every one is dependent on the
technology for several queries online to brace independent self. Digital Marketing is the one stop solution for all such online queries customised to the user search.

Explore the growth of Digital Marketing significance as a medium to promote businesses, as a career and an earning pedestal too. Also dive into the phenomenal opportunities associated in the field with the unique and proficient guidance. Strengthening your businesses, high global reach, extensive location targeting are very few of the deliverables towards remarkable returns.

Optimise the Search Engines with SEO, improve the Brand Awareness with Social Media, Aim to
enhance the online presence globally through paid ads in Search Engines and Social Media, analyse the results, rework and optimise. The more experience, the more expertise.

Topics Covered 

  • Digital Marketing – Its prominence in the Business Trends
  • Digital Marketing – An Overview
  • Different Modules and Functions of Digital Marketing
  • Implementation of Digital Marketing and its outcome in the virtual scenario.
  • Digital Marketing as a subject and a Career and the benefits.


Workshop by the experienced real time personnel proficient in all the modules of Digital Marketing such as SEO, SMM, SEM, Analytics, Branding, Keywords etc.  Innovative learning techniques that improves efficiency towards self-learning and practise.
Upgrading and staying up to date towards the latest updates of the Search Engines.