The art of reinventing yourself

The art of reinventing yourself


  • What is elegance? 
  • How do you define perfection?
  • Do you often get bogged down by the merit of high performers?

These are the questions that require a thorough understanding of the journey of successful people or let us call them the true artists of perfection.

Is perfection a skill that can be honed? This is your next question. Right? 
Every single question that redefines the existing paradigm of a system has no single or definite answer. Perfection is definitely a skill that is highly respected in any industry. You cannot be perfectly imperfect and deliver results on time. Perfection is therefore, not a mere certified course that finds a place on your resume. It is like the air we breathe. It is invisible. But it defines our very existence. In a similar way, perfection defines an organization. Perfection can make or break a deal, because it is really a big deal to maintain a perfect status quo, consistently. Like, every single time. 
So, how do we prepare ourselves to travel the road to perfection, leading us to the glory of merit, which defines our existence? 
There’s a simple answer to this question. And it is the art of reinventing yourself. It is the only mantra that prepares you for perfection. It is the only optimal solution for any organization that’s in a crisis.

Master the art of reinventing yourself

There is no art that can be mastered without perfection. And perfection is a skill that takes a lot of your mental space. It is like a healthy agreement between your mind and your inner conscience. Once you define your routine and schedule your timings there should be absolutely no repulsion of any kind that moves you away from the top most priorities of the day. The commitment comes from your promise of delivering a quality service. It is the only billboard that you ever see. I request you to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017), in this context. Frances McDormand won Academy Award for the best actress at the Oscars 2018. Throughout the movie, she challenges the police officials to uncover the truth about her daughter’s death by renting three billboards and expressing her doubts and concerns through the posts written on them. This upsets the people in their neighborhood and the rest of the story is all about her journey in catching the culprit. It’s a tragic and painful journey. But there’s a lot to learn from her. The unwavering focus she has towards solving the crime and how she’s hell-bent on setting up those billboards, amidst a lot of opposition from the local police. The billboards play a key role in the progression of this story.

All I wanted to say is just this and that is

You only see what you want to see

You can only inscribe those words or sentences or thoughts inside your mind that only you subscribe to. You cannot have distracting billboards inside your brain, once you start the day.

Always find new ways of unlearning, because there is always so much to learn. The moment you get an impending feeling that your learning is fading away, thinking brain should take the front seat and drive you away from those fears by shifting gears and put you back in a continuous learning process.  That’s when you master the art of reinventing yourself. 

By being a self-aware person, all the time.
By being a learner, all the time.
By being a master of perfection, all the time.

Now, you can see it for yourself that elegance is not a magic. It is the act of reinventing yourself that’s repeated over and over again turning it into an art of perfection thereby, making you a master of your skillset and a disciple of your work ethic.