Dreamers live...Rest of us exist

• Are you living a life that’s worth living and remembering? 
• Are you really excited about your DAY, as it unfolds?
• Is your thought process stagnant? Are you happy about how things turned out for you?
We all work towards the fulfillment of something. That ‘something’ changes everything about the life. This enigmatic ‘something’ defines almost everything about a person. 
Then, why do we often ignore that highly important ‘something’?
Do we have an answer for that?
Of course, we all do. 
We all know that the ‘something’ defines us. But we tend to ignore it or postpone it based on our priorities, at that point of time in our lives. We think we have all the time in the world. Nope. We don’t have much time here. The problem with this variable factor ‘time’ is that it varies. 
Time and tide wait for none  
You spend time. You waste time. You save time.
Hence, it is proved that the first and foremost ‘investment’ in that ‘something’ is not money. It is ‘time’. 
Money makes many things. Money can buy everything. But you cannot buy that ‘something’.  
First of all, let us know the ‘something’ that I was talking about, in the above paragraph.
It’s none other than your cherished dream.
It’s the dream that MADE you. 
It’s the same dream that has been waiting for years to TAKE A SHAPE.
Dreams LIVE only when THE DREAMER inside you LIVES.
You cannot FULFILL your DREAM without THE ARDENT DESIRE to WORK for the DREAM. 
You cannot WORK without having a DREAM. It would be a mere 9 to 5 job. Your focus and dedication stays elsewhere. And your dream goes nowhere. 
Recognizing that there is ‘something’ inside you churning out and realizing it as your cherished ‘DREAM’ gives you a purpose to LIVE. Once your purpose is defined, all you have got to do is WORK. From then on, YOUR WORK never feels like WORK to you. It defines your existence.  
Your WORK becomes a LOVE LETTER to your DREAM. 
Your WORK becomes a TESTAMENT to your SKILLSET. 
Your WORK becomes WORSHIP.
That’s why, a DREAMER who’s also a DOER lives and the rest of the world just exist.