Calibre has another name and that is ….

• Do you often fail in meeting deadlines?
• Do you over-promise and under-deliver?
• How to avoid falling into the trap of overestimating or underestimating the given situation/task at hand?
There’s a thin line of difference between saying ‘I can do it’ and ‘I think I can do it’.  You need to be cautious before accepting a project/task. Once you agree, there should be no delay in starting it.
Always start early in order to avoid late submissions. Often we postpone the task by saying, ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’ There’s no tomorrow. ‘Starting tomorrow’ is a myth. It is your first step towards destruction. I use the word ‘destruction’ here because there’s this start-tomorrow vibe to it.
When you give the start-tomorrow excuse to avoid work, it just means either you’re not excited doing it right away or you should be an exceptional procrastinator. 
If you’re not excited about something, you have an option of saying no to it. You cannot cheat yourself into doing something. Yes, you can make others believe that the given task excites you. At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to finish it. Hence, it is better to decide firmly before committing yourself totally. 
Your energy cannot go waste. The onus is on you to preserve all your energies and save them to give your best, as and when required.
When it comes to the successful delivery of a project, it all depends on how you surprise the client/customer/manager. Your work needs to add value to the overall project. Only then you become a valuable resource to the team. Your work becomes impactful and more meaningful only when there’s a hidden magic in your work that no other person in your team can replicate. 
What is the magic that I was talking about? 
How does one get trained to learn this craft?
The magic is following this simple mantra. 
‘Always try to add something new/creative.’
In that process, you might fail a few times. But no one can deny the fact that you’re the first one who tried something new or out of the box, in your team. 
We all are creative, by design. There’s nothing less creative in this creation. Due to the absence of a level playing field in showcasing your creativity, one might be led into thinking that only few people are gifted with exceptional creative abilities.  Frankly speaking, you’re your own guru when it comes to creativity. Every single person on this planet has a story. A unique story to tell and that totally belongs to him/her. No one can get hold of that. 
And your way of observing things, people and life emerges from this ‘story’ of yours. Don’t waste it. Never let it go, in vain. Instead, extract your every emotion from it. 
It gives you strength. 
It gives you solace. 
It gives you a purpose. 
Once you know your purpose, you deliver beyond others expectations of you every single time. Your ability to estimate the outcome of a project gets better with time. Finishing a given task with perfect precision becomes your nature.
From then on,
You do not over-promise and under-deliver. 
You do not under-promise and over-deliver.
You promise and you deliver.
Your definitions change. Your preconceived notions change. Your opinions change. Because now you realized that change is inevitable. 
And also that adapting to the change is the key to continue the success. 
Now calibre has another name in your dictionary and that is creed. Because,calibre is what you already have. Whereas, creed is what you believe in.  .